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Boris Johnson was skewed by post-Brexit hunting rules, with a Brexit supporter claiming he was “sold out”.

The Prime Minister posted on Twitter a video of him supporting Helen Horford in the Tiverton and Honiton by-elections. Johnson said the Conservative candidate would “commit to British food and agriculture”.

In the clip, Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Horford visit a farm in the constituency and learn about Conservative support for “food and agriculture”.

He said, “Vote for Helen Horford to stay on British food and agriculture on June 23.”

However, John Mommy, founder of the East Anglian Fish Renaissance, has criticized the prime minister’s calls for support of British food on social media.

The former Brexit Party MEP said on Twitter after Johnson’s call for a vote: “Should I wait for British food?

“We have an ocean full of fish but the British fishermen can’t catch it.

“80 per cent of the fish caught in the EU comes from UK waters, these vessels ply our waters unattended and unregulated.

“I sold out the UK fisherman and betrayed the coast folk.”

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