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Conservative rebels tell that two bad defeats tomorrow in Wakefield, Tiverton and Honiton could lead to a new campaign to remove Johnson. They made it clear that they believed all Cabinet members were “tainted” by the Partygate scandal and the failure to oust the Prime Minister after 41% of his deputies voted against him in a confidence vote.

Instead, the search for “a unified figure that everyone can rally around” to lead a party that is also pro-Brexit.

MPs told that Mr Davis, who was Brexit minister and first ran for president more than two decades ago, is the “clear candidate”.

If he becomes prime minister at the age of seventy-three, he will be the oldest to enter Downing Street and beat Churchill who was 65.

He has run twice for leadership in 2001 losing to Sir Ian Duncan Smith and then losing in 2005 to David Cameron.

Earlier this month, Davis told Andrew Neal that he was not “looking for a job and was ‘unenthusiastic'” about the leadership challenge, but admitted he had urged his colleagues to think about it.

He added, “The country is in trouble. If there is work I thought I could do, I think it was all our duty to do. But I don’t think this would come. I don’t waste time thinking about it.”

“I love trying to make a difference – and there are so many ways to make a difference. I can do it from the front seat and from the back seat.”

One Conservative MP enthusiastic about Mr Davis said: “It must be David Davis. He is the only realistic candidate with the experience and the charisma to get us out of this mess.”

Another said: “We need a unified figure, someone we can all fall behind and who is also pro-Brexit.

“The remaining members say that Brexit does not matter anymore, but the reason is that it is not completed.

Their candidate could be like [foreign affairs select committee chairman] Tom Tugendhat or [former health secretary] Jeremy Hunt But we need a strong supporter of Brexit and most importantly a pair of safe hands.

“This must be David Davis.”

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If Mr Johnson is forced to step down either within 12 months when a new confidence vote can be held or if the Standards Committee investigation finds him to be lying, many MPs are clear he cannot be a Cabinet member.

This will terminate bids from Secretary of State Liz Truss, Minister of Education Nadim Zahawi and Home Secretary Priti Patel.

“They are tainted with association [with partygate]One of the representatives said.

Another added: “They were passive bystanders and didn’t do their job of telling the prime minister that time was up.”

The major party donors holding the funds have also told that they are looking outside the Cabinet.

One donor, who until Christmas supported 20 Conservative MPs in their constituencies, said: “The cabinet is a douche, not much better than Boris. None of them can be a leader.”

This donor interviewed a series of leadership aspirants outside the Cabinet.

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However, even with poor by-election results in two seats won by the Conservative Party in 2019, the prime minister, who is currently attending the Commonwealth Congress in Rwanda, is expected to remain on hold.

One MP said: “The real date is this fall when the Standards Committee investigated whether he lied to Parliament.

“If they are found against him, it will be difficult for him to withstand.”

Although allies believe Mr Johnson is the subject of a witch-hunt by people who want to undermine Brexit.

One loyalist said: “All these speculations are nonsense. They hate him because he ended Brexit.”

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