Boris Johnson did not worry that Tory MPs conspired to expel him while he was abroad

Boris Johnson said he was not worried about Tory lawmakers conspiring to oust him while he was abroad after the Conservative Party was defeated twice in by-elections.

Speaking at a press conference in Rwanda on Friday afternoon, the prime minister said he expects people to “continue to beat me” but that they will not “crush down” due to the losses.

In the rural Devon constituency of Tiverton and Honiton, the Liberal Democrats overturned their 24,000 Tory majority to victory, while Labor regained Wakefield.

Johnson will not return to the UK for another week. The Prime Minister is in Rwanda for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, then travels to the G7 meeting in Germany and to the NATO Summit in Spain.

Asked if he was concerned that Conservative MPs “are planning to get rid of you while you’re away,” he said, “No.”

Johnson said voters wanted a government focused on their concerns, rather than “the political consequences of Westminster”.

He said, “There are still hard times, no doubt people will keep hitting me and saying this or that to attack me.

That’s good, that’s just right, that’s the job of politicians.

“In the end, voters and journalists, they don’t have anyone else to file their grievances with, I have to take that.”

Back home, Michael Howard, a former Conservative Party leader, increased pressure on Johnson and called on the prime minister to resign.

“The party and, most importantly, the country will be in a much better position now under the new leadership,” he told BBC Radio 4′s World at One.

“Cabinet members should consider their positions very carefully.”

Earlier, Oliver Dowden resigned from the Cabinet and from his job as Chairman of the Conservative Party.

We cannot continue business as usual. Someone must take responsibility and I have concluded that under the circumstances, it would not be right for me to remain in the position.

A swing of nearly 30% from the Conservatives to the Liberal Democrats resulted in Richard Forward securing a majority of 6,144 in Tiverton and Honiton.

The vote came after Neil Parrish resigned after he was caught watching pornography in Parliament.

Former Wakefield MP, Imran Ahmed Khan, has resigned after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy – a crime for which he was imprisoned for 18 months.

Wakefield was one of the so-called Red Wall seats that the Conservative Party won in the 2019 general election after it had been Labor since the 1930s.

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