Big police scene and bloodstained tissues amid reports of ‘fighting’ in Harborhi

An incident sparked a heavy police presence outside a fast food restaurant and convenience store in Harborough Thursday evening (June 23). A collar was put in place after police arrived amid unconfirmed reports of a “brawl”.

The accident reportedly occurred earlier in the evening, in Tavistock Square. A large police presence remained at the scene until about 8:30 p.m.

The photos show several police cars parked beside the cordon, and bloody tissues were seen on the ground within the restricted area. More details about the incident or the nature of any injuries have yet to be confirmed by Greater Manchester Police.

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One of the witnesses at the scene of the accident told men There was a cordon “behind the church” with “a quantity of blood-stained tissue on the floor in the paved area beside the takeaway”.

Police cordoned off in Harborhi Thursday evening

Earlier in the evening, it was understood that paramedics from the Northwest Ambulance Service were also at the scene before the area was later scaled back. The cordoned off area was the plaza off Grangewood Drive in north Manchester.

The blood tissue was photographed on the floor inside the collar

More information about the accident, or the nature of any injuries has yet to be confirmed. Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for information.

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