Big Ed Brown cancels wedding amid inquiries into Liz Woods’ sexuality

Naturally, Angela Deem’s vicious fight with Michael Ilesanmi took center stage 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

But that wasn’t the only ugly mess that came out of episode 7.

Not when we look at Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods’ engagement party.

Ed can’t resist sabotaging his own happiness. He also can’t help but ruin Liz’s night…and then blame it on her.

As Liz Woods and Big Ed Brown’s segment of Season 7, Episode 7 began, Liz radiated happy vibes.

She chatted with friends and had her makeup done before her engagement dinner.

Liz failed to do this with her last two marriages. Now, at 29, she’s having her moment – even if Ed’s mother and daughter didn’t come.

Liz and Ed arrived at the venue for their engagement party looking the part of background criminals in a Batman movie.

Wearing all white, Liz acknowledged that some of the guests might suspect a surprise wedding.

Fortunately, it wasn’t. And Liz’s grandmother had already promised to make sure it wouldn’t happen that way.

Fans may feel a certain way about Big Ed, based on his on-screen behavior and allegations of sexual abuse against him.

But he clearly has a large circle of friends who like, or at least tolerate, him.

And while several members of both sides of this relationship disapprove, a crowd came out to support them.

On camera, Ed compared himself to a mix of Danny DeVito and George Clooney.

It’s funny because we’ve also compared him to Danny DeVito – in that he think that he is the beloved actor, but his demeanor better matches DeVito’s It’s always sunny in Philadelphia character, Frank Reynolds.

There is no accounting for the Clooney thing. Or to Liz’s Jason Sudeikis comparison. Girl, no.

Liz’s mother, Patty, was there to support her daughter.

She has real concerns, including the large age difference between Ed and Liz.

But Patty told the camera that she has seen Ed support Liz and she can accept this up to a point.

Ed being Ed, he couldn’t help but say that he shouldn’t call Patty “mom” because “she’s younger than I am.”

Many things are true. That doesn’t mean Ed has to say all these things out loud.

But Big Ed Brown’s on-brand antics had barely begun.

Something we didn’t see was a woman apparently having an interaction with Liz.

She allegedly grabbed Liz’s arm during an argument. Liz had security remove her.

But either the cameras didn’t catch this, or the show is deliberately keeping the footage in reserve. Maybe over a lack of exemption, maybe to play on Tell All. We do not know.

Whatever the reason, it’s up to TLC’s map, Liz’s description, and Ed’s description to fill us in.

What we got to see on our screens was Liz going in for a cozy moment with her fiance.

However, Ed had other things running through his mind.

There was no reason for Ed to question Liz at the engagement dinner. If he really wanted to question her, he could have done it at home.

Either Ed couldn’t resist asking here and now, or he’d do it for the cameras on a microphone.

Of course, it has been a problem for them before. Anyway, here’s what Ed asked:

“Were you in a relationship with her?” Ed demanded.

Instantly he ruined the moment. That’s what he does.

Ed apparently accused Liz of being bisexual and invited his ex to their engagement party. And he did it all on camera while they both wore microphones.

Liz does the most sensible thing to do when confronted with Ed’s nature: she left.

At first she simply walked away, but Ed followed her, still demanding answers to his stupid questions.

(Just for the record, Liz’s sexual history before she got together with Ed – or got back with him – is none of Ed’s business. If the answer is yes, Ed is also trying to out her on international TV. Vile)

In the face of Ed walking after her, Liz crossed the street.

Under her breath, but still on her microphone, she accurately described Big Ed as he really is.

She noted that his insecurities make him act like this.

Production caught up with Liz.

There she spoke some hard truths about her fiancé.

It really hit home that Ed, the man who confronted and interrogated her like this, will never love and support her the way she loves and supports him. Never.

When Ed was finally able to get Liz on the phone, it wasn’t to make an apology, though.

Instead, he berated her, accusing her of “ruining the whole evening” for her own family and their friends.

Rough, dude.

Unfortunately, Ed didn’t stop there.

Apparently Liz had once told him – after one of their nasty breakups – that she was done with men after that.

Although that clearly wasn’t the case when she got back with him, Ed seems to have felt haunted by the suspicion that she had dated a woman, possibly after that split.

It’s none of his business, but he doesn’t ignore these uncertainties. And he makes them her problem.

Just as he has previously questioned Rosemarie Vega about her sexual history, he tells Liz that he wants to get to the bottom of this.

Until Ed gets answers, he says the wedding won’t happen.

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