Biden Hasn’t Lost This Loyal Support Group… Yet

President Joe Biden is preoccupied with the new Beltway game – how low can the polls go?

The unpopular president cannot explain rising gas prices, record inflation, and the economy on the cusp of recession.

And the survey numbers prove that.

the worst? The mainstream media, arguably Biden’s biggest ally over the past two years, is suddenly asking him questions that don’t include his favorite ice cream flavors. The “Joe must go” story is written in real time.

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Biden is faltering with his vote base, too.

Current Hispanic polling numbers will keep Biden’s team up at night, no doubt. However, one of Biden’s strongholds has his back. They did not give in to the 79-year-old leader and showed little sign of changing course.

For now at least.

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Late Night hosts Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers are still at Uncle Joe’s heart. They shrug off his gaffes, shrug off his pathetic poll numbers, and when they target Biden, they make weak “old-age” jokes that lack a bite.

It has been since Biden announced his presidential ambitions anew in 2019.

Even Bill Maher, the only late-night host shredding progressive wake-up culture, pulls his punches when Biden’s name appears. Here’s Maher defending Biden as recently as January.

“The hard truth is that even when Joe does something well, he doesn’t seem to get any credit. Our economy is really great considering what we’ve just been through. Wages have gone up, workers are more influential, and we avoided a recession. Stocks had their best year since 1995. .”

Maher has dealt a blow to Biden over the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan, but he generally avoids taunting the current commander-in-chief.

Biden Joins “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Earlier this month, it was the president’s first “interview” with the press in a long time. Results? A car accident in a conversation, in which Kimmel saves Biden from throwing back a word of authority by cutting a commercial.

Biden will next visit The Late Late Show via a taped segment (phew!) with host James Corden.

Biden will take part in Take A Break – arguably the highest profile picture of Corden in this sitcom – when the late-night host takes on the role of Assistant to the President and chairs a press conference for former press secretary Jen Psaki, among other important duties.

Hearings on January 6 gave Colbert and his colleagues. Lots of material that doesn’t verify Biden’s name. The hosts from the far left shrug off the tepid ratings of each new “nonpartisan” hearing, doubling down on allusions and anything Trump-related.

It feels like the 2020 presidential election never happened. They must be missing the Trump years, when Fox News’ rookie “Gotfield!” Most of their watches weren’t cleaned.

This comical love affair may not last forever.

The whispers of “Biden must go” from inside the Democratic headquarters will intensify. There’s a recession coming, gas prices will stay high indefinitely, and Biden’s team has no clue how to counter inflation.

That, combined with a potential red wave that could doom Democrats’ plans for 2022-24, suggests that late night will be left alone in Biden’s corner.

And when the progressive forces decide, collectively, that Biden should go for the party, the late-night hosts will embrace their “truth to power” mantra.

Biden may be less willing to honor the late-night couches at that point.

After all, the Late Night Hosts are now a de facto wing of the Democratic Party. They will do what is said when the time is right.

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