Bellator 282 results: live stream updates by playing | “Moses vs. Ibelin”

The Bellator 282 is poised and ready to join later TONIGHT (Friday, June 24, 2022) from inside the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, as it features a middleweight title bout between Gegard Mousasi and 1 seed contender, Johnny Eblen. Furthermore, the Bantamweight World Grand Prix is ​​in full effect with two excellent matches where Leandro Higo fights Danny Sabatello, while Enrique Barzola faces Magomed Magomedov.

Many readers check in before, during and after fights to share their thoughts on all the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 282) about spells and chat with all the other lunatics during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

Bellator 282 Quick Result:

185 lbs: Champion Gigard Mousasi against. Johnny Ebelin – Ebelin Def. Al-Mousa by unanimous decision
135 lbs: Bantamweight GP – Leandro Ten against. Danny Sabatilo – Sabatilo defeated. Fig by unanimous decision
135 lbs: Bantamweight GP – Magomed Magomedov against. Enrique Perzola- Magomedov defeated Brzoola by submitting the fourth round (guillotine strangling)
170 lbs: Brennan Ward against. Cassius Cain – Ward Dave. Kayne via TKO second round
155 lbs: Dan Morett Against Kelis Motta – Motta by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Lucas Brennan against. Johnny Soto – Brennan via first round submission (naked rear throttle)
155 lbs: Brent Prime against. Alexander Chapley – Chapley via 2nd round of TKO
145 lbs.: cat tables against. Pam Sorenson – Zingano by unanimous decision
185 lbs: Anatoly Tokov against. Muhammad Abdullah – Tokov from the first round TKO
170 lbs: Good morning Against Maycon Mendonca – Homasi via knockout in the first round
125 lbs: Alexandra Lara Against Elara Joan – Joan by unanimous decision
145 lbs: Cody Low against. James Gonzalez – Gonzalez by unanimous decision
185 lbs: Fabio Agyar against. Aaron Jeffrey – Jeffrey via TKO in the second round
155 lbs: Mandel Nalu against. Bryce Logan – Nalu via first round knockout

Bellator 282 Play by Play

a hero Gigard Mousasi against. Johnny Eblen

Round 1: Leg kicks by Eblen. Eblen follows with a solid kick. Moussa stay booked. Eblen scores a powerful combination over the top to catch the champ by surprise. His other large right hand hurts Moses who returns to wrestling in order to get rid of him. Ebelin gets back on his feet. Two minutes down. Eblen records his first takedown along the cage. Moses scores short punches with his back to the fence. Moses was able to stand but Ebelin is there for another removal. Musasi is able to reverse and control at the highest level before standing back up. Leg kick by Moses goes down well. 10-9 Ebelin

Second round: strong kicks by the champion to start the second. Sharp kick supports Ebelin, who returns the favor with his left hand. Mossey marks Ebelin who shoots in the process of further removal. One minute down. Hard lands and pounds for Ebelin. Moses was able to get back on his feet only to score Ebelin again. Two minutes left. Musa returns to the position again. Kick inside the leg by Moses. The chief left the lands to Ibelin. Missing connection to Moses who seems to be slowing down. 10-9 Ebelin

Round Three: Interchange kicks for the middleweight to start the third round. A huge collection of land from Ibelin which supports Musasi. Counter strike by the hero. Ebelin scores his other right hand along the cage. Mousavi land countless slashes. Another good hit by Moses. Eblen responds by raising the right hand. Lead the appropriate territory for the competitor. Good head movement by Eblen. Less than two minutes to go. Two other rights collide in the face of Moses. Eblen continues to press with his might. Mousasi only throws pop shots and nothing gets Eblen respected. 10-9 Ebelin

Fourth round: Left hand by Eblen knocks Mossy off balance and allows Challenger to score his sixth goal in the fight. Good top pressure along the cage for the Ebelin. Moses hands his back while Eblen controls movement on the ground. Ebelin threatens to strangle a naked man from behind while Moses throws short punches in the back of the head. Moses is able to stand on his own two feet. Just over a minute left. Musasi gets a nice right but allows Ebelin to interfere with another takedown. 10-9 Ebelin

Fifth round: Moses needs to finish here. Eblen puffs from a kick and then spins from behind but scores a powerful cross from the right. Moses does not push the pace. Eblen managed to deliver a powerful blow to the body. Two minutes off the clock. Ebelin pushes Musasi into the cage for another takedown. The hero died. Ibelin still had Moussa in control but didn’t land much. Finally, Eblen regained Musasi’s back 30 seconds before the end of the match. Another great round for the contender. 10-9 Ebelin

End result: Ebelin was defeated. Al-Mousa by unanimous decision

Leandro Ten against. Danny Sabatilo

Round 1: Leg kick landing by Sabatilo. Another short kick by Sabatilo touches down. Hugo takes his time. Sabatilo scores a quick kick. Big right over the top landing on Higo. Two minutes down. Sabatello begins his first removal and recovers Higo. Good defense by Higo. Sabatilo scores short punches while Hugo is back on one knee. Fans began booing as the fighters were handcuffed. 10-9 Sabatilo

Round 2: Heijou’s right hand score. Sabatilo shoots a jumping knee in an attempt to remove and gets it. Sabatilo makes his way to Hugo’s return again. Higo uses kimura’s attempt to reverse direction and regain Sabatello’s back. Two minutes. Hugo landing short punches. Sabatello controls one arm which limits movement like the first round. Fans started booing again. Higo flips it over and releases her short elbows onto Sabatello’s shoulder. 10-9 Hugo

Round Three: The big right hand misses Sabatilo. Higo’s solid formula grades. Sabatilo returns with another calf kick. Higo tries himself. Sabatello starts another removal process and gets it. One minute around the clock. Sabatilo land short punches to the head and body from above. Fans booed again. Two minutes left. More gorund-and-pound for Sabatello but it doesn’t land big hits. Big Elbows finds its home from Sabatilo. Higo doesn’t do much to push or get back on his feet. 10-9 Sabatilo.

Fourth round: Leg kick by Hugo. He lands a short jab by Higo but leaves himself open for another takedown by Sabatello. Not a lot of movement from either fighter as Sabatello struggles to stand up and punches big. Hugo tries to work in the cage, but Sabatilo keeps cutting it. Two minutes down. Sabatilo tries to get his hook to grab Hugo’s back. Short knees on the body by Sabatilo. Another short takedown for Sabatello but Higo is back on one knee. Solid left hands by Sabatello underneath to catch Higo’s head backwards. 10-9 Sabatilo

Round 5: The body punch lands for Higo but Sabatello is there for another stop. Hugo holds the guillotine choke. Sabatilo is able to move to the side to break the fist. The fans start booing again as Sabatilo controls the movement and blocks a Higo attack. Two minutes off the clock. Higo got back to the knee only for Sabatello to put him back on the canvas for his tenth takedown. Sabatilo continues to press along the cage. Higo is able to break the fist before Sabatello begins another takedown. This is where the fight will end. 10-9 Sabatilo

End result: Sabatilo defeated. Fig by unanimous decision

Magomed Magomedov against. Enrique Berzola

Round one: Perzola throws some tricks. Body kick by Magomedov. Good on the inside for Barzola as Magomedov failed to remove. Spinning the backlands of Magomedov. Short punches by both fighters fall inside the grabber. Barzola scores the first finish to the fight. Two minutes down. Magomedov fights back to his feet but fails in another attempt to remove. A surprise takedown by Magomedov is finally landed but Perzola bounces back to his feet. The big right hand is followed by Perzola with the right knee. The left hook is lowered by Perzola. Flying knee was blocked by Magomedov. Barzola’s left hand stuns, but he recovers to score another takedown and get Magomedov back. Magomedov writhing freely. 10-9 Prezzola

Round Two: Leg kick touches down from Perzola. Left hand counter by Magomedov. Perzola defends another removal process along the cage. Right hand scores by Magomedov over the top. Prezola presses forward and Magomedov again rolls along the cage. Short punches by Berzola while Magomedov gets back to his feet. Berzola is there in order to drive away a crush and take Magomedov’s back again. The action returns to the feet, but Perzola fires again for elimination. Two minutes left. The kick to the ground is rotated by Magomedov. The removal was defended by Perzola. His sharp left hand descends to Perzola before he eats the fist of his back hand. Leave the bullets for Magomedov. Perzola returns with a left hook top. Magomedov wings a rotating kick to the head before the bell. 10-9 Prezzola

Round Three: Barzola’s right eye is bothering him from entering the third eye. A large gust of Magomedov descends in the middle. Magomedov tries to record the process of removing and reversing Barzola to take his back along the cage. Berzola fights to remove another, but Magomedov defends and wriggles freely. The Land of Counter-Right by Magomedov. Last right over the top by Magomedov before hitting Perzola with a header. Leg kick by Magomedov. Two minutes off the clock. Jumping knee up to Magomedov. Prezola seemed to fade away but he started talking to Magomedov. The left short lands of Magomedov. Perzola errs in the removal process. Large lofts in the decisive territory of Perzola. Magomedov returns with a partially isolated headshot. Perzola presses to work along the cage. Another knee jumps by Magomedov before Barzola fails another takedown. 10-9 Magomedov

Fourth round: Forehand kick started by Magomedov. A powerful blow from Berzola settles Magomedov’s head. Try to remove stuffed by Magomedov. Missed a spinning head kick by Magomedov. Prezzola lands his short right hand before shooting him to stop him. Magomedov grabs his fist when they fall to the ground and secures the guillotine choke.

The end result: Magomedov def. Perzola via 4th round submission (guillotine strangling)

Brennan Ward against. Cassius Cain

Round 1: Kayne opens with one or two combinations. Ward Joyful returns and fails to attempt removal. Ward swaps it and attempts a permanent guillotine which opens a successful removal process. Minimal damage from the top of the Ward as Kayne tries to subdue. Two minutes down. Ward lets Cain climb. Ward’s heavy punches were missed. Kayne returns with his counter right hand, but is stunned by his left hand. Ward interferes with another removal process. Powerful punches from the top of the lord. Kayne tries to defend and tries to lock the leg. One minute left. More land and pounds by Ward as he moves to full mountain. Both men look tired. Cain does enough to survive. 10-9 suite.

Round two: Kane knocked out with a series of punches but was given back to check it out. Body kicks by Kane. Ward takes his time before landing with his hard right hand to shake Kane. Ward moves on to take a series of shots along the cage. A few more blows to the body and the referee moves to a stop.

End result: Ward defeated. Kayne via TKO second round

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