BBC One Show hosts surprised after Denise Van Outen says she has cooked for Glastonbury

Dennis Van Outen once revealed a meal for living legend Diana Ross, on The One Show. The TV actress also said that her reality TV past helped her when she found herself preparing food for the star.

Joe Lisette And the Dennis Van Outen They were guests one show On Friday, June 24, when she spoke about the interaction she had with Glastonbury frontrunner Diana Ross.

Guest co-presenter, Ronan Keating, gave Van Outen a sneak peek to share the story of how she ended up cooking for Diana Ross. Former Boyzone singer Keating said: “Now, Dennis, we all know you love a festival… I was at the Cambridge Festival and one of the highlights in Glastonbury this weekend, did you help them?”

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Eager to retell her story, Dennis excitedly replied: “Diana Ross!”

Dennis’ response was met with astonishment by co-host Alex Jones and Joe Lysette. Van Outen went on to explain: “I ended up cooking for Diana Ross. Yes, I was at the Cambridge Club Festival. I was DJs there and they served all the food and it seemed Diana Ross was very specific about what she wanted to eat.

“So they grabbed my friend Chef Tristan Welch, with whom I cooked with the stars, and he grabbed me and said ‘I want you to come into the kitchen with me. We need to make a meal for Miss Ross.'”

“So what was it?” Alex Jones asked, intrigued by what the singer had eaten. Dennis replied, “She had steak…medium rare.”

Looking for more details, Jones asked, “Was that with the chips?” Dennis replied, “No chips, a little heavy when you’re going to perform, a lot of veggies.”

“It was really nice. Apparently, she loved it,” said Denise, sharing Ross’s opinion of the meal.

Keeping the music theme, Van Outen also revealed that she is working on new music and has one new song. The actress and singer also revealed that she toured with Ronan Keating, who co-presented with Alex Jones, in 1995/1996 when she was in a pop duo called The2Girls.

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