Appalachian hikers write a book about the experience

Weston, W.F.A. (WBOY) – In December, 12 news told you about Kane and Ally Dravis, a Weston couple who climbed the entire Appalachian Trail at ages 64 and 47.

Now, the couple has written a book about their nine-month experience.

The book, titled “The Geezer’s Ultimate Geezer’s Guide to Hiking Success,” talks about the couple’s journey along the trail, and things they wish they knew before they started hiking the 2,193 miles.

The book is titled “The Geezer’s Absolute Guide to Hiking Success.” (WBOY photo)

The idea to write the book came while the couple was making their way. Ken used the speech-to-text feature while walking long distances from the trail to remember what he wanted to touch on in the book.

“It feels good to know that, for me, it’s a serious book to lean over gently. Easy to read. I feel like it’s good information. The feedback from others so far has been really great, and it’s good to do so,” said Ken.

You can find the book on Amazon as an electronic copy or as an electronic copy. Soon, the couple hopes to release a hard copy of the book.

You can find the book for purchase here.

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