Another AEW star clears Twitter amid speculation of contract expiration


Another AEW star has sparked speculation that AEW’s contract has expired with their recent social media activity.

Following reports that AEW’s ‘under the radar’ number of deals had expired, Alan Angels shared a mysterious tweet, leading some to assume that he was one of the stars who finished with AEW.

Chuck Taylor is one of his best friends now Delete his Twitter profileand delete all his tweets.

Taylor last wrestled for AEW during a Dark: Elevation match in late May. He has since wrestled for NJPW, competing as part of CHAOS during May 15th Strong: Collision taping.

Trent, Taylor’s Best Friends partner, reunited Roppongi Vice with Rocky Romero, notably collaborating with Romero at ROH & IWGP, the ROH and IWGP tag title winner taking every match at the Forbidden Door. The match was eventually won by FTR, who now holds the AAA, ROH and NJPW (IWGP) gold mark.

As of this writing, Taylor is still on the official AEW roster.

We will continue to provide updates to AEW contracts as they become available.

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