Andrea Jaeger says she was sexually harassed by a WTA employee

Former tennis player Andrea Jaeger, a two-time Grand Slam singles finalist, told The Independent that she was sexually harassed “at least 30 times” in the women’s locker room during her career by a member of the WTA.

Jaeger, now 57, said she was unknowingly served alcohol when she was 16 during a post-tournament party by another WTA employee, who then drove her to her house and tried to kiss her.

“[At tournaments] I was changing portable toilets or shower stalls because I didn’t want to deal with people’s comments, interests, or actions.”

“I’ve had at least 30 incidents with a particular employee not playing, and all physical attempts in the locker room very early in my career. That non-playing employee has had a lot of trouble keeping her hands to herself.

“I avoided being in the training rooms on my own because I was approached there as well.”

Jaeger says she was served three alcoholic drinks again after the WTA tournament in 1982 and added that when she complained to the WTA they did nothing.

“I said this has to stop. Every week I have to worry about this (expletive),” Jaeger said. Every time I tried to defend myself, I was under the threat of someone else being harmed.”

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