Amma, 42, has just weeks to live after being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy

Helen Turner, 42, of Walthamstow, east London was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant with her now 2-year-old daughter Elsie, but was told she had only weeks to live

Helen Turner, pictured with her husband Mark on their wedding day, has been battling cancer for two years
Helen Turner, pictured with her husband Mark on their wedding day, has been battling cancer for two years

A mother told by doctors she had only weeks to live after being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy – and bravely married her partner at the hospital.

Helen Turner, 42, has been battling the disease for two years and until last month she was responding well to treatment.

But after she struggled with breathing, Helen was told the cancer had reached her liver and doctors now believe she has weeks to live, MyLondon reports.

Helen, who lives in Walthamstow, east London, has now moved into a hospice in Stevenage and is undergoing treatment focused on prolonging her life as much as possible.

Described by friends as “the all-encompassing towering human goddess,” Helen bravely wed her partner Mark while undergoing hospital treatment. The couple’s young daughter, 2-year-old Elsie, was among a small group of family and friends who attended the ceremony.

A GoFundMe page created by the family of stricken Helen says: “Our wonderful friend, partner, mother, and towering human goddess has been given horrific news of the recurrence of her cancer, and this time, it cannot be cured.

Helen is tragically told that she has only weeks to live


MyLondon WS)

“Helen’s first experience with cancer began two years ago when she was pregnant with now 2-year-old Elsie. It meant the sudden and stressful end of her pregnancy and then her life with a newborn while undergoing chemotherapy. Helen has taken everything in her stride and apparently everything is fine.

“About a month ago, Helen had some difficulty breathing and went back to the hospital. Unfortunately, they found out that the cancer had spread to her liver, and the terrible prognosis was that she would live for two years.

Friends and family gathered around her, and thought of ways to raise money for her just to provide a financial cushion over the next two years and to hire toward Elsie’s future.

“Incomprehensibly, in recent days Helen has been told her treatment is not working and what it was two years ago is now weeks.”

Now, Helen’s lifelong friends plan to run the “Big Half Marathon” in September later this year to show their support for her. “We were all so helpless… so delirious with this anticipating sadness,” said 34-year-old Bella Quinn, who went to college with Helen.

“We had planned to do the big marathon in September to raise money for her, but it seems like the unimaginable truth is that she won’t be here to see her. We will now run in her honor and all donations will go to Elsie’s trust fund,” reads the description on the GoFundMe page. .

“Many of you will know Helen with all her wonderful kindness, creativity, warmth and sense of humor. I mean, she’s basically a unicorn. But for everyone who doesn’t know her – if you can afford her – please donate even the smallest amount and consider it a pint or coffee! Money is clearly not It can take the place of a parent, but in the face of this horrid illness, it’s a practical thing we can do to make Helen feel supported and supported by her family.”

So far more than £3,200 has been raised from over 90 donations. Bella added: “It just goes to show how much Helen loves… to have so many people involved.

“It’s a gathering of people who know Helen and those who don’t… My elderly mom is going for a walk, and there are people in Australia who participate as well, people with injured ankles saying they are going to swim… It really is heartwarming.”

Helen will now spend her remaining days in a hospice surrounded by her family.

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