Adams says he wouldn’t be New York’s mayor if it wasn’t for his ex-partner’s miscarriage

Outside City Hall, Adams has announced a list of plans to expand access to medical abortion at city sexual health clinics and increase the number of medical professionals performing the procedure within the public hospital system.

City Health Commissioner Ashwin Vasan said at a news conference Friday that the city will also provide transportation, food and housing options for outside people who come to New York for the procedure from states where it has been banned.

“After today, young women will come of age with fewer rights than their fathers,” Adams said. “The far right, empowered by this court, has declared war on the American people, war on public safety, and our pursuit of happiness.”

Cancellation Raw vs. Wade — which city and state officials have been expecting since Politico first reported the initial draft of the majority opinion in May — prompted New York politicians to take Extensive action to improve access to abortion. They passed a law protecting abortion providers and people traveling to New York to seek legal abortion from extradition and subpoenas issued by states banning the procedure. Lawmakers also created abortion access funds.

Both the city and state are posting public service announcements, hotlines and other resources to connect those seeking abortions with trusted providers, which will Fighting a long-standing issue About directing unintended pregnant women to anti-abortion clinics.

The state legislature is expected to return early next week for a special session to consider Scotos’ ruling on Thursday to repeal a strict New York gun law. This brief return to the statehouse could provide lawmakers with another opportunity to pass a blocking equal rights amendment to the state constitution that would add pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes to the list of categories protected from discrimination.

Despite increased access and funding for abortions, Adams rejected the suggestion that New Yorkers and those who come to the state are safe in a post-Ro America. He called on Congress to legalize abortion.

If we pass something in the state, we leave our sisters behind in other states. “This is a national problem, and it is time for national leadership to step up and solve this problem,” Adams said. “What would you say to my aunt in Alabama? What would you say to my family in Florida? I wouldn’t say, ‘We should only have the right in New York.’ We should have the right in our country.”

A handful of female mayors and agency chiefs opened the press conference, talking about their experiences with motherhood and abortion, some tearfully describing their choices now that they Ro flipped over.

The Last Woman to Speak, Adams’ closest friend, Chaplan Ingrid Lewis Martin, brought the perspective of a deeply religious person and focused her comments narrowly on women in need of abortion after rape.

As the mayor and other officials spoke, a boycott shouted from the sidelines, calling Adams a “hypocrite” and repeatedly shouting “Save the kids” and “Get over it.”

Raul Rivera, a 52-year-old taxi driver, said he comes to City Hall “all the time…not to bother, but if they don’t let me participate, I’ll disable it.”

He said he’s a registered Democrat, but called the moderate Democratic mayor “the last Democrat I vote for,” noting that he now supports Republican governor candidate Andrew Giuliani.

Rivera claimed it was hypocritical for city officials to support individual choice in abortions but not vaccinations against Covid-19, although he later said he agreed with the court’s ruling and found it difficult to support abortion rights, especially after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

9 out of 10 abortions occur before 12 weeks in many high-income countries, and the proportion of abortions performed before nine weeks has increased in the past decade, according to research published in the journal. BMJ sexual and reproductive health.

The only protester in City Hall Park, Rivera, clashed with officers and other spectators, some of whom explicitly referred to him as crazy. Adams said that his voice, sometimes drowning out the voices of city officials, was a metaphor for the time being.

“Hundreds of us are on the stairs. You have one idiot there, and you might think that’s how Americans feel,” Adams said. “That’s just noise. Note that she is not a woman.”

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