4 Boston teens charged with assaulting South Station

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Adam Neuville, the drummer for another local band Young, sustained a broken nose and a concussion in the attack.

Adam Neuville, 20, was beaten to unconsciousness outside Boston’s South Station on June 23. Instagram

Boston police have charged four Boston teenage boys with delinquent assault, battery and robbery in connection with an attack that left a 20-year-old musician beaten to unconsciousness outside the South Station.

In an email to Boston.com Tuesday, Officer Kim Tavares said the teens, who allegedly beat Adam Neuville of another local Young band, included a 15-year-old boy from Alston, and a 16-year-old boy from Alston, and two 16-year-old boys from South Boston.

The teens will be summoned to Boston Juvenile Court to face charges.

The attack occurred around midnight on June 23. The Neuville attackers were caught on videotape by someone who was driving and later shared online.

The video clip shows one of the attackers fleeing the scene by riding an SUV on the side of the road, before the camera turns to show three men attacking Neuville while his girlfriend Celia Joseph tries to force them away.

The video ends with the other three men fleeing the scene and getting into the SUV while Joseph tries to capture them in a video or photo with her phone. Neuville can be seen lying on the floor unconscious behind Joseph.

Neuville was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries following the attack, but he has a broken nose, severe bruising, cuts and concussion.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Young Others announced that they had to cancel a number of shows in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Buffalo, New York, due to the severity of Neuville’s concussion.

“We plan to reschedule these dates at a later time when Adam is healthy and has recovered from last week’s attack in Boston,” the band wrote.

“Thank you all for the warm amount of love, support, and patience with us as we work through this heartbreaking experience alongside Adam’s healthcare professionals.”

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