2022 NHL Profile: Frank Nazar is a hot playmaker

Brent Flair said sarcastically that he hopes the pilots won’t capture that altitude again in a long time.

However, Flahr and his staff of amateur scouts are confident of getting a really good player into the top five of the 2022 NHL Draft.

“Yeah, I think we’ve got past the players we feel are the top five, and we’ve reviewed different scenarios of what we think the teams ahead of us will face. There are still some unknowns,” Flahr said on June 10 in a phone interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia. “But I think we’re happy with the number of different players in the position, maybe more. Depending on how he falls, maybe you could redeem a few points even or look to trade. We’ll see how it goes.”

After the 25-46-11 season, the Flyers are ranked fifth overall in this year’s draft, which will take place July 7-8 at the Bell Center in Montreal. Flyers have six choices total. Round 1 kicks off at 7 p.m. ET on Thursday, while Rounds 2-7 kick off Friday starting at 11 a.m. ET.

“I think it’s well documented, there’s no Conor McDavids in the draft or something. But there’s some depth to the early draft,” Flaher said. “There are different positions – there are a few in the middle, there are two right-handed defenders with skill and volume, there are two players who score on the right wing, and there is a strong winger.

“There are some very interesting players early on. I think it will be a really interesting first round. … I think it will be surprising to a lot of people, I think there could be a lot of surprises at the beginning of this draft.”

In the lead up to July 7-8, we’ll break down the draft goals for the pilots at No. 5.


Frank Nazar

Site: center / suite

to rise: 5 feet – 10

Weight: 180

Shoots: the correct


Scout Report

While Nazar may not have the full game yet, his skill level is bewildering. The 18-year-old and Michigan resident is fast, explosive, and dangerous as far as getting into this draft and the puck on his stick.

Nizar finished third in the US Under-18 team development program with 70 points (28 goals, 42 assists) from 56 games this season. He admires the way the Lightning Brayden Point center plays.

“If he were bigger, we’d be talking about him as one of the top three potential players in this draft,” Chris Peters of DailyFaceoff.com wrote earlier this month. “But he has a lot of strength that he will need to add to be an effective player at the next level.”

There are some wildly different opinions about the Nazar stock. EliteProspects.com ranked him as the fifth best player in the entire draft and Peters ranked him seventh. But Nizar is the 21st North American skater by NHL Central Scouting, while TSN’s Craig Button ranked him 25th overall. .

“His skating is great, he plays from the inside, and he has a lot of skill,” an anonymous executive told The Athletic’s Corey Pronman. “I think the potential there is really tempting.”

Fits the flyers

If Flyers are high on Nazar and come to the sense that he’s going to drop a bit, that could offer General Manager Chuck Fletcher a chance to trade again and possibly get a second-round pick.

The Flyers have no second-round pick due to Shayne Gostisbehere’s trade last summer.

We’ll see how things go.

Regardless, Nazar’s offensive prowess down the middle of the ice should appeal to the pilots. His size and overall game might put the Flyers off a bit, but Fletcher emphasized the organization’s need for more talent after successive seasons missed the playoffs.

“Part of that is we have to get younger, we have to be more talented, we have to get faster,” Fletcher said on May 3rd.

Airmen have benefited from the USNTDP during the first round in recent years. They chose Cam Yorke off the show in 2019 and Joel Farabi in 2018. Just as Nazar would do, Yorke went to Michigan. He became a professional a year later in his sophomore year at Banner.

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